Dans Custom Portraits | Photo Reference Guide for Improve End Result

Photo Reference Guide for Improve End Result

How to decide which images to use?

Below are the requirements for size and quality of images captured by any device, which are necessary for successful detailed portrait creation.

https://Dans Custom Portraits Family Image Requirements

Resolution of the image

To achieve a good quality portrait, starts with good quality photos we recommend that you provide images captured by a camera at a high enough resolution however most times they are downloaded from the internet & social medias.
To keep this guide short, we suggest all images to be zoomed in at 100% so you can view all the details you want in the final portrait are visibly clear & without pixelation & distortion. If the images have been compressed for online use it could be at too low of resolution making it extremely difficult for artists to extract enough details to create a decent looking portrait.

Dans Custom Portraits Girl Child Pet Image Requirements

Focus and sharpness.

Make sure the image is clear and there are no blurred areas. Some blurred image can be sharpened within photoshop however its likely to distort important details of the face that's needed for a polished looking portrait.

Dans Custom Portraits Collage Image Requirements

Collages of images

Uploading multiple photos inside one collage does not count as 1 image. Digital portraits with multiple images are charged extra per image & not per subject, the reason for this is because of the time required to getting those images colour corrected and looking as natural as possible.
Please don't upload collages thinking it will save you money, it's going to take more time to complete as an invoice will need to be emailed and paid for before work begins.

https://cdn.sDans Custom Portraits Watermarked Baby Image Requirements

Watermarked Images

Watermarked images or copywrite images will not be accepted. If we suspect copyrighted images and you're unable to provide proof of being the legal owner or permission from the owner for use, for legal reasons we reserve the right to refund the order & to halt any further work.

Lighting & Shadows

Good lighting

Having multiple images that have different types of light sources can create an issue in making a portrait look natural. What we look for when creating portraits with multiple images is how we can make the portrait look as if the photo was taken in 1 shot.
While sometimes certain tricks done in photoshop can alleviate some lighting issues it's worth been mindful when picking images for your portrait.


Portrait Pencil Drawing - Photo reference guide & tips

Just about everything that makes a great pencil portrait drawing is a good photo reference or multiple references. We suggest choosing photos that best display subjects personality & features. Something unique, quirky or even cheesy create brilliant pencil drawn portraits.

Multiple Images

Multiple references are great also we can combine photos to create group drawings of multiple subjects, however, we suggest being mindful when doing this best method is to find images that have similar perspectives and lighting. (It looks kind of odd, somewhat disjointed if they don't match up)

Removing details, adding details

During the process of the drawing, we can also remove or add certain details you may wish to take out of the photo, or something added or changed. (Remove necklace, add a different background, remove leashes on pets etc)  Make sure you describe what you would like done in the brief so we can best decide how to use the photos supplied. Again, be mindful of perspectives and lighting.

Original Portrait - pencil portrait drawingsDog Portrait Drawing - Pencil portrait drawing

Digital Proofing

We can and do apply photo corrections and edit photos using Photoshop and other drawing applications to achieve an overall better result come time to draw. When ordering the detailed portrait drawing you will receive a digital proof of how your drawings will look like regarding lighting, shading, and composition.

We find doing a digital proof and correct things with you during earlier stages rather than during drawing or after drawing process. Drawing on paper and erasing with many changes will damage the fibers of the paper which neither I nor you would like. That's why we like to start digital then finish with a handmade pencil drawing.

Original - Pet Dog Pencil Portrait Drawing Dog portrait drawing - Pet Dog Pencil Portrait Drawing

Rather us check the images.

Your satisfaction is important to us if any of this confuses you? or unsure of the photo's quality contact us, we'll check them out and help you choose before you even commit to an order.