Dans Custom Portraits of Pets & People- How It Works

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Custom Portraits of Pets & People

Dan's Custom Portraits where we turn your photos into works of art. We do varied styles and mediums of custom portraits to ensure you get something you are satisfied with. Currently, we offer custom handmade portrait drawings done in graphite, charcoal, carbon &/or colored pencils. Custom Portrait drawings starting at a low $59

We have a large variety of custom digital portraits drawn & manipulated with a stylus replicating many mediums such as watercolor, ink, drawing, sketch, vector, oil painting & many more. Custom Portrait digital drawings & paintings starting at a low $59.

We specialize in custom portraits of people, pets, animals, dogs, cats & horses. There's is a wide range of portraits we can do, at the moment we currently have the following categories. To know more about how it all works click on one of the following images below.


Custom detailed portrait drawings of people, pets and animals. Dog portrait drawingCustom digital portrait drawings paintings of people, pets and animals. Dog digital portrait